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ApacheCon Seville 2016 – Apache Tika – What’s New with 2.0? – Nick Burch

February 17, 2017

Apache Tika – What’s New with 2.0? – Nick Burch

Apache Tika detects and extracts metadata and text from a huge range of file formats and types. From Search to Big Data, single file to internet scale, if you’ve got files, Tika can help you get out useful information!

Apache Tika has been around for nearly 10 years now, and with the passage of all that time, plus the new 2.0 release, a lot has changed. Not only has there been a huge increase in the number of supported formats, but the ways of using Tika have expanded, and some of the philosophies on the best way to handle things have altered with experience. Tika has gained support for a wide range of programming languages to, and more recently, Big-Data scale support.

Whether you’re an old-hand with Tika looking to know what’s hot or different with 2.0, or someone new looking to learn more about the power of Tika, this talk will have something in it for you!

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