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Apache Big Data Seville 2016 – Large Scale SolrCloud Cluster Management via APIs – Anshum Gupta

November 28, 2016

Large Scale SolrCloud Cluster Management via APIs – Anshum Gupta

Apache Solr is widely used by organizations to power their search platforms and often support multiple users. A lot of cluster management APIs were introduced over the last few releases, allowing the users to to manage operations ranging from replica placement to forcing leader elections via API calls. At the end of this talk, intermediate Solr users would understand what’s available, and when can they avoid direct interference with the system, leading to more stable clusters and lower chances of nodes going down. The attendees would also be much better equipped to build their own SolrCloud cluster management tools. I would also talk about when not to use these APIs and what’s planned in the near future to handle specific operational use cases.

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