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ApacheCon Seville 2016 – Cloud: Zero to Sixty – Will Stevens

February 21, 2017

Cloud: Zero to Sixty – Will Stevens

IaaS Cloud Orchestration does not have to be hard. Apache CloudStack can get you operational in a matter of days. I will take you through the design and install process to start taking advantage of the extensive features of Apache CloudStack. Orchestration of hypervisors, storage, networking and more are all handled by this production grade Apache project. This session will explain why Apache CloudStack is the fastest, most reliable, and cost effective way to build a cloud platform for modern application development, DevOps, CI/CD, and cloud native workloads such as Kubernetes and Docker.

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ApacheCon Seville 2016 – CI and CD at Scale: Scaling Jenkins with Docker and Apache Mesos – Carlos Sanchez

February 17, 2017

CI and CD at Scale: Scaling Jenkins with Docker and Apache Mesos – Carlos Sanchez

As Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery usage grows, the underlying infrastructure needs to grow too, scaling horizontally across multiple hosts and dynamically provisioned as needed.

Docker is revolutionizing the way people think about applications and deployments. Apache Mesos enables fault-tolerant distributed systems and allows managing a cluster of Linux servers as a single system, running Docker containers across multiple hosts, offering elasticity and machine abstractions.

By using Apache Mesos and Marathon, an Apache Mesos framework for long-running applications, the Jenkins Continuous Integration environment can be run at scale, dynamically.

Jenkins masters can be run on Docker containers distributed on Marathon, while the Jenkins Mesos and Docker plugins allow slaves and jobs to run in containers distributed across the multiple hosts, and isolating job execution.

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