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ApacheCon Seville 2016 – The Apache Way – Practice – Nick Burch

February 9, 2017

The Apache Way – Practice – Nick Burch

The “Apache Way” is the process by which Apache Software Foundation projects are managed. It has evolved over many years and has produced over 100 highly successful open source projects. It generally works well! But not always..

In this session, we’ll follow on from the theory, and look more on the practice of how it works. We’ll look more at cases when it has worked well! And when it has had problems. We’ll see more of the boundaries, the things that can be changed, and those that are fixed firm rules. We’ll see how businesses can get involved, and where project independence means they need to step back. Licensing, Trademarks, Decisions, Marketing, Infrastructure and more.

If you want to take your knowledge of the Apache Way to the next level, or learn more on how to help your new project stay within it, this is the session for you!

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ApacheCon Seville 2016 – Gender Diversity Analysis of Technical Contributions to Apache Projects – Daniel Izquierdo

January 23, 2017

Gender Diversity Analysis of Technical Contributions to Apache Projects – Daniel Izquierdo

Gender gap in the tech industry is a fact nowadays. Open source projects such as those under the umbrella of the ASF show this lack of women developing, although no actual numbers are provided.

This talk will focus on the contributions made by women to some of the Apache projects since the beginning (when possible!). This talk is specifically focused on technical contributions like commits. It is intended to be a quantitative analysis plus specific manual polishing process to help in the accuracy of the data.

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ApacheCon Seville 2016 -Behind the Scenes of the Apache Software Foundation – Lars Eilebrecht

January 23, 2017

Behind the Scenes of the Apache Software Foundation – Lars Eilebrecht

This presentation will give you everything you always wanted to know about the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), but were afraid to ask. It will show you that there is more than just the Apache web server, and provide you with information on how the ASF works and its history. The difference between membership and committership, who decides what, how elections take place, the technical infrastructure, project management committees, and the philosophy behind the incubator. Come and see behind the scenes of the Apache Software Foundation and let’s talk about “The Apache Way” and “Community over Code”.

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ApacheCon NA 2016 – Roman Shaposhnik: ODPi and the Incubator

April 18, 2016

Roman Shaposhnik will be speaking a number of times at the upcoming ApacheCon. He’ll be speaking about ODPi, and about the Incubator. He’ll also be MCing the popular Podling Shark Tank.

If you want to participate in the Podling Shark Tank, you should sign up on the wiki.

If the player above doesn’t work for you, you can listen HERE.

Community track, ApacheCon NA 2015 Austin

April 28, 2015

Here’s the audio from the Monday community track at ApacheCon in Austin.

Nick Burch – The Apache Way

Bob Paulin – The Apache Way With Kids – Using Community Over Code in the First Robotics Competition

Shane Curcuru – How To Keep Your Apache Project’s Independence

Rich Bowen – RTFM – Write a Better FM

Suresh Marru – Get More Out of GSoC Opportunities – A Win-Win for Both Projects and Students

Kevin Wang – Volunteer to Teach High School CS Without Quitting Your Day Job

Episode 32: Aaron Farr

July 2, 2007

Since December last year many people have been following the journey being made by Aaron and his family from the United States to Hong Kong through their blog. Following Aarons election to the board of the ASF I managed to talk with him while in Singapore about his journey, open source in China and the upcoming OS Summit.

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The episode is 19 minutes long (8.9 Mb) and is available here or via iTunes.

Episode 28: Apache Harmony and Open Letter to Sun

April 18, 2007

Earlier this month the Apache Software Foundation took the unusual step of releasing an Open Letter detailing an issue that the Apache Harmony project was having with Sun Microsystems. In order to find out more about the background to this letter and the issues it addresses, I spoke with Geir Magnusson.

For more information on the Apache Harmony project, please listen to Feathercast Episode 2.

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The episode is 31 minutes long (14.6 M) and is available here or via iTunes.

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