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ApacheCon Seville 2016 – Cloud Native Camel Design Patterns – Bilgin Ibryam

February 9, 2017

Cloud Native Camel Design Patterns – Bilgin Ibryam

Throughout the building of a Camel application, there are many levels of design decisions to be made. Knowing the Camel framework and the Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs) is a must, but not enough to design a real-world integration application. Driven by real-world experiences, this talk reviews the most commonly used patterns and principles for designing Camel applications in the past, present and the future tendencies. We will look at how traditional patterns become less popular with the invention of technologies such as containers and PaaS Platforms.

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Apache Big Data Seville 2016, Performance Monitoring for the Cloud – Werner Keil

December 3, 2016

Performance Monitoring for the Cloud – Werner Keil

Performance Monitoring tools like Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) existed almost longer than the World Wide Web. It was developed in the early 90s by SGI. Parts were made available open source from 2000 on, which led to a further spread of the tool. In recent years an active community formed and a variety of new features and enhancements were added. PCP is now part of Red Hat and SuSE Linux Enterprise editions and included in many other Linux distributions. Versions for other Unix variants, OS X and Windows also exist. This session compares popular Open Source Monitoring Tools like Performance Co-Pilot, StatsD, Dropwizard Metrics, Prometeus and Apache Sirona. How they each support Containers or Virtualization, share data with IT monitoring systems like Nagios or Zabbix, or process analyze and visualize it via Carbon, Graphite or Grafana/ElasticSerch.

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