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ApacheCon North America 2014 sessions – Confluence Room

May 6, 2014

The following are recordings of ApacheCon North America 2014 sessions that occurred in the Confluence room.

What’s New In Apache Solr? – Chris Hostetter

Introduction to SolrCloud – Timothy Potter

Apache Lucene 4 – Robert Muir

Solr’s SolrCloud, The State of the Union – Mark Miller

Building Google-in-a-box: using Apache SolrCloud and Bigtop to index your bigdata – Roman Shaposhnik

Hacking Lucene for Custom Search Results – Doug Turnbull

‘Shrinking the Haystack’ using Apache Solr and OpenNLP – Wes Caldwell

Deploying and managing SolrCloud in the cloud – Timothy Potter

Hidden Gems: Getting More Out Of Apache Solr – Chris Hostetter

Test Driven Relevancy — How to Work with Content Experts to Optimize and Maintain Search Relevancy – Doug Turnbull

Building next generation, personalized search applications – Amit Nithianandan

Native Code and Off-Heap Data-structures for Solr – Yonik Seeley

Secrets of Apache Tika – Jukka Zitting

Building your big data search stack with Apache Nutch 2.x – Lewis John McGibbney

What’s with the 1s and 0s? Making sense of binary data at scale with Tika and friends – Nick Burch

Allura – A Gentle Introduction – Wayne Witzel III

Diving Deeper into Allura – Dave Brondsema

Or download all of them HERE (706MB)

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