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Jean-Frédéric Clere, PGP Key Signing and Apachecon North America

May 13, 2017

Another regular event at Apachecon North America will be the PGP Keysigning. Here we talk to Jean- Frederic Clere about the the Key Signing and why it is so important for Apache to build  and expand our web our web of trust.

(NOTE: If you act as a Release Manager for any Apache project then you should really be attending this).

If you want to participate in the Key Signing, please send your key to apachecon-keysigning@apache.org and see additional information in the ApacheCon Wiki.


Carlos Santana, Apachecon North America and Apache OpenWhisk

May 4, 2017

Apache OpenWhisk is an incubating project that has a couple of presentations on the Apachecon schedule.  Here we talk to Carlos Santana about OpenWhisk, his upcoming presentation and whether he can play guitar!

Register for Apachecon at apachecon.com


Nithya Ruff: Keynote at ApacheCon Miami

May 1, 2017

Nithya Ruff, who is heads up the open source program at Comcast, will be keynoting at ApacheCon in Miami in two weeks. She’ll be speaking about how so many companies are transitioning to technology companies, regardless of their industry, and about the ubiquity of Apache software at Comcast.

I spoke with her last week about what she’ll be talking about, and related topics.

You can still register for ApacheCon at apachecon.com. See you in Miami!



Jean-Frédéric Clere, Barcamp Apache and Apachecon North America

April 24, 2017

An important event at Apachecon North America will be the #BarCampApache.  It is a free event where the content is organised by the attendees. Here we talk to Jean- Frederic Clere about the barcamp and his role as facilitator.

Register for Apachecon at apachecon.com

Bryan Call, Apache Traffic Server and Traffic Control Summit

April 14, 2017

The Apache Traffic Server and Traffic Control Summit is a mini conference that is happening in Miami at the same location as Apachecon. In this interview we briefly talk to Bryan Call from Apache Traffic Server project, about this mini conference.

Roman Shaposhnik and Apache:IoT

April 12, 2017

This year at ApacheCon we’re adding a new component to the conference – Apache:IoT – an event about the Internet Of Things projects at Apache. Here to talk with us about this event is Roman Shaposhnik.

Register for Apache:IoT by April 16th and save $200.


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