Episode 9: ApacheCon Asia and GeekOut

ApacheCon Asia was, in my estimation, a big success, and I’m so glad I got to go. I was also able to attend a post-conference event called the GeekOut, where we went out into the jung.le and got our blood sucked out by leeches, among other fantastic experiences.

Here’s some of my thoughts on the conference, as well as some remarks on the GeekOut. The recording is HERE, and is roughly 5 minutes long.

The music is from a traditional dance group at the closing ceremonies of the conference.

You can see photos from ApacheCon and GeekOut on flickr.com by looking for tags like apacheconasia06 and geekout srilanka.

Episode 8: Lightning Talks

The Lightning Lottery Talks are a fixture at ApacheCon, with talks ranging from “What’s on Ken’s Belt?” to “Shared Ant”. There’s always a good mix of entertaining talks and technical talks, and the speaker pool includes seasoned public speakers and first-time speakers enjoying their opportunity for a moment at the mic.

Over the next few months, we’ll be running almost all of the lightning talks from ApacheCon Europe, and in this first one of the Lightning Episodes, you’ll hear Leo Simons, teaching us how to give a lightning talk, and Johan Stuyts talking about Shared Ant, a build environment for collaborate development.

The music in the intro and at the end is Colm McCarthaigh again, playing “Lakes of Pontchartrain.”

The recording is HERE, and is roughly 12 minutes long.

Episode 7: Greg Stein

I got a chance to chat briefly with Greg Stein, the Chairman of the Apache Software Foundation, while at ApacheCon. We talked a little about what his role is within the ASF, as well as how the ASF relates to members and their employers.

The music at the start and end of the podcast was performed by Colm McCarthaigh and Paul Freemantle one night at the conference.

The podcast is here (Approx 9 minutes)

Lightning Talks

The “Lightning Lottery Talks” are always a popular part of ApacheCon. This year, I managed to sneak my microphone up onto the podium, and get a pretty good recording of most of them. Except for Geir, who insisted on not standing at the podium. 😦 (Presumably because I didn’t actually tell anyone I was recording.)

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be running some of the lightning talks, so you can get a feel for what they’re like. Most of them don’t quite work if you’re not there, but you’ll get some of the flavor of it.

Episode 6: Rich Bowen

I tried to interview Sally Khudairi, but she pulled a fast one on me and interviewed me instead. I’m talking about how I got involved in the ASF, and why I think it’s cool enough to stick around.

The music at the start and end of the podcast is Paul Freemantle on the whistle and Colm McCarthaigh on the guitar, as well as various other ASF folks in the background.

Websites mentioned in this podcast include:

The podcast is available here. (approx 18 minutes)

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