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Apache Big Data Seville 2016 – How Software Engineering Has Changed with Advent of OSS – Nupur Sharma

December 9, 2016

How Software Engineering Has Changed with Advent of OSS – Nupur Sharma

The talk shall explore the business of open source and how open source has changed the way software engineering is done and executed. Earlier, every software process was done as a ballpark project and designed with commercial, non-extensible products in mind.With the new open source paradigm, companies are now driving software development with open source products as the core and leveraging the extensibility of the product itself. In the talk, Nupur shall drive through the thought process of product designers through the 1990s, 2000s and now. Nupur shall explain how organisations are adapting Open Source Software and building their entire business models around them. Driving through some use cases, the transition from closed source to open source in many existing and well thought processes shall be discussed and explored. This shall enlighten any org exploring to move to OSS paradigm.

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Apache Big Data Seville 2016 – Deep Neural Network Regression at Scale in Spark MLlib – Jeremy Nixon

November 29, 2016

Deep Neural Network Regression at Scale in Spark MLlib – Jeremy Nixon

Deep Neural Network Regression at scale in Spark MLlib – Jeremy Nixon will focus on the engineering and applications of a new algorithm in MLlib. The presentation will focus on the methods the algorithm uses to automatically generate features to capture nonlinear structure in data, as well as the process by which it’s trained. Major aspects of that are the compositional transformations over the data, advantages of the various activation functions, the final linear layer, the cost function and training via backpropagation. Applications will look into how to use neural network regression to model data in computer vision, finance, and the environment. Details around optimal preprocessing, the type of structure that can be found, and managing its ability to generalize will inform developers looking to apply nonlinear modeling tools to problems that they face.

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Apache Big Data EU 2016: Ingo Simonis – Software Architectures and the Role of APIs in Standardized Environments

November 23, 2016

Geospatial Track: Geospatial Big Data: Software Architectures and the Role of APIs in Standardized Environments – Ingo Simonis, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)

A number of technologies have evolved around big data, in particular products from the Apache community such as Hadoop, Storm, Spark, Hive, or Cassandra. The geospatial community has developed a range of standards to handle geospatial data in an efficient way. Most of these standards are produced by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and implemented in the form of domain-agnostic data models and Web services. With the emerging demand for streamlined APIs, new questions emerge how access to Big Data in the geospatial community can be handled most efficiently, how existing standards serve these new demands and implementation realities with distributed Big Data repositories operated e.g. by the various space agencies. This presentation should stimulate the discussion of geospatial Big Data handling in standardized environments and explore the role of products from the Apache community.

Ingo Simonis

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Apache Big Data EU 2016 – Monday morning keynotes

November 14, 2016

This morning in Seville, we had two great keynote. Stephan Ewen talked about stream processing in Apache Flink, and Alan Gates talked about the Apache Way training program he’s instituted at Hortonworks.

ApacheCon Europe 2016 – Key signing

November 7, 2016

At ApacheCon next week in Seville, we’ll have a PGP keysigning, as usual. Here’s Jean-Frederic Clere talking about what that is, and why it’s important.

If you want to participate in the key signing, send your key to apachecon-keysigning@apache.org and see additional information in the ApacheCon Wiki.

Episode 71: Sander Temme and ApacheCon US 2010

October 13, 2010

ApacheCon North America is almost upon us. It will be held in Atlanta, from November 1 through 5.

In this episode, Corinna Städel speaks with Sander Temme about the Apache HTTP Server track at ApacheCon, and his presentation “Hardening Enterprise Apache”.

You can listen to the presentation HERE, or via iTunes.

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Coming Soon

September 29, 2009

I’ve had a busy week of recording, and here’s what I’ve got coming in the next few days, as soon as I can get them edited.

  1. Brett Porter – Maven
  2. Christian Wenz – Web Application Security
  3. Filip Hanik – Tomcat
  4. Grant Ingersoll – Lucene

Busy summer

October 30, 2007

It’s been a bit quiet on the site during the summer! For that we apologise, but rest assured it wasn’t sue to a shortage of interesting activity at the Apache Software Foundation! Rather, it was due to both of us having a lot going on in our real world lives which meant we had less time than we had hoped to bring you regular feathercasts 🙁

We hope to remedy that soon – starting with our coverage of ApacheCon US 2007!

We hope to not only release a number of episodes during the event, but also record a large number of interviews to release following it. Of course, if your project won’t be represented at AC US and you think you’d like to talk to use, just drop us an email and we’ll make the arrangements!

Both of us are presenting at the conference, so we look forward to seeing you there!

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