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Kevin McGrail: Sponsoring the Apache Software Foundation

June 11, 2018

Kevin McGrail, the VP of Fundraising, talks about how to sponsor the Apache Software Foundation, and why an organization might want to do that.

Organizations that currently sponsor The Apache Software Foundation may be found at http://apache.org/foundation/thanks.html

If you’d like to sponsor The ASF, you can email fundraising@apache.org or see the options at http://donate.apache.org/

You can listen to the interview below, or watch the interview on our YouTube channel.

OSS Prague, Apache ManifoldCF and Incubation, Piergiorgio Lucidi

October 30, 2017

Piergiorgio (PJ) Lucidi talks to us about Apache ManifoldCF, the Apache incubation process, his presentation  and a few other things at the Open Source Summit in Prague.

Details of Piergiorgio’s presentation can be found at the following link:




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