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Help Wanted

February 27, 2013

As you can tell by just looking at the site, FeatherCast needs help. What started with a great deal of passion has sputtered due to lack of time. We’re looking for people from the Apache community to step up and become part of the FeatherCast team. Help is needed at all levels:

* Record interviews
* Edit and produce existing audio that we’ve accumulated
* Transcribe podcasts, so that it’s more accessible
* Perhaps we could branch out into video

If you’re able to do any of these tasks, either once, or on an ongoing basis let me know. If you want to become a permanent part of the FeatherCast team, you only have to ask.

Busy summer

October 30, 2007

It’s been a bit quiet on the site during the summer! For that we apologise, but rest assured it wasn’t sue to a shortage of interesting activity at the Apache Software Foundation! Rather, it was due to both of us having a lot going on in our real world lives which meant we had less time than we had hoped to bring you regular feathercasts 🙁

We hope to remedy that soon – starting with our coverage of ApacheCon US 2007!

We hope to not only release a number of episodes during the event, but also record a large number of interviews to release following it. Of course, if your project won’t be represented at AC US and you think you’d like to talk to use, just drop us an email and we’ll make the arrangements!

Both of us are presenting at the conference, so we look forward to seeing you there!

Revised FeatherCasts

June 6, 2007

Don’t panic!

Following some discussion we have just updated all our episodes to have more consistent naming and MP3 tagging. In addition the files now have artwork included for anyone viewing it in an application that displays them.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and continued support!

Episode 25: Henri Yandell

February 16, 2007

While in Seattle recently, I took the opportunity to talk with Henri Yandell. Henri is one of the newest members of the Apache Software Foundation Board and he talks about his experiences at all levels of the ASF – including some advice for people just getting started.

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The episode can be found here (8.4M, 18 minutes) or on iTunes.

Episode 23: Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007!

January 4, 2007

An end of year podcast with some views about 2006 and 2007 from some people within the ASF. Thanks for all the support and encouragement we’ve had during 2006 – it means a lot and we’ll be trying even harder during 2007 to produce interesting and informative podcasts.

The episode is just under 13 minutes (6Mb) and is available here.

Episode 13: Dealing with the Press

October 2, 2006

While in Boston I had the chance to talk with Sally Khudairi. She drew on her large range of experience working with the press to provide some practical advice for individuals and projects to assist with their press interactions. An interesting listen for everyone involved with an open source project.
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The episode is just under 23 minutes (10.4 M) and is available here or via iTunes.

Topics for Discussion?

September 4, 2006

One of the things we’d like to try at ApacheCon US is getting people together for some “table discussions”. Essentially we’d like to get people in the know about a topic together, sitting at a table and ask them to discuss a topic! Hardly an original idea, but as the discussions are usually lively at ApacheCon it could prove interesting!

While we can come up with a few topics, anyone care to suggest topics they’d like to hear discussed? If you have thoughts about who you’d like to have involved in the discussion you can include their names in the posting and we’ll see what we can do.

Why not post a comment with your ideas now?

Feathercast Merchandise

September 1, 2006

Now that we have a new logo and a new look, we also have some feathercast merchandise available via CafePress. The main aim of feathercast is educational, not profit, but money made from the sale of the items will allow us to improve our equipment. Hopefully this will lead to better quality podcasts!

We will also be donating some of the money we make from selling items to the Apache Software Foundation.

Why not go and have a look at our store now?

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