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CHAOSSCon EU 2019, Why it’s Important for Open Source Metrics to Tell a Story, Brian Proffitt

March 18, 2019

CHAOSS stands for Community Health Analytics Open Source Software and recently at CHAOSSCon EU in Brussels, we spoke briefly to Brian Proffitt, one of the CHAOSS Board members and also Senior Principal Community Architect for Open Source and Standards team at Red Hat. He tells us why it’s important for metrics to tell a story, why previous metrics may not have been as impartial as people would want, and why increased mailing list traffic could indicate a potential community crisis!

OSS Prague, Mentoring, Micro-Mentoring and Apache, Rich Bowen

November 8, 2017

Rich Bowen talks to us about a few topics around his participation in the Open Source Summit and MesosCon in Prague including:

  • Mentoring and how  anyone can start micro-mentoring.
  • His keynote at MesosCon about what the ASF is and does for projects

And being on booth duty!

OSS Prague, Apache ManifoldCF and Incubation, Piergiorgio Lucidi

October 30, 2017

Piergiorgio (PJ) Lucidi talks to us about Apache ManifoldCF, the Apache incubation process, his presentation  and a few other things at the Open Source Summit in Prague.

Details of Piergiorgio’s presentation can be found at the following link:




ApacheCon Seville 2016 – Diversity, When Not Playing Life on Easy – Nick Burch

March 13, 2017

Diversity, When Not Playing Life on Easy – Nick Burch

Diversity and inclusion are becoming hot topics within our open source communities and industry, but for those of us “playing life on easy”, the subject and impact can be harder to “get”.

Like many people who used to play life on easy, I’ve had some blind spots around diversity and inclusion. I only discovered these through working on projects, communities and support at the ASF, and by moving to a new country!

Now it is my mission to help others see the light, learn for themselves, and through that build better open source communities. I’ll be sharing what I learnt, giving resources, and specific takeaway actions.

More about this session

ApacheCon Seville 2016 – If You Build It, They Won’t Come – Ruth Suehle

March 11, 2017

If You Build It, They Won’t Come – Ruth Suehle

Good code isn’t enough for a successful open source project. First of all, only you know how to use what you’ve made. Maybe it’s time for a little UI and UX help? At the very least some documentation! Next, how is anyone else going to find what you’ve created? And that’s only the beginning. Ruth Suehle, manager of Red Hat’s Open Source and Standards community leadership team, will take you through examples of the best and the worst, from projects large and small, to help you see what you need beyond your code to build a successful open source project and community.

More about this session

ApacheCon Seville 2016 – Will the Apache Maturity Model Save Your Project? – Bertrand Delacretaz

March 7, 2017

Will the Apache Maturity Model Save Your Project? – Bertrand Delacretaz

The Apache Project Maturity Model ( http://s.apache.org/maturity-model ) was written to help explain how Apache projects work, in a modular way that allows it to be adopted partially by projects who operate outside of Apache. Will that model help save your fledgling project, or is that just a set of boring rules? Describing the reasoning behind the model’s items, with concrete examples from successful Apache projects, will help us find out and apply the model to our own projects in a helpful way.

More about this session

ApacheCon Seville 2016 – Gender Diversity Analysis of Technical Contributions to Apache Projects – Daniel Izquierdo

January 23, 2017

Gender Diversity Analysis of Technical Contributions to Apache Projects – Daniel Izquierdo

Gender gap in the tech industry is a fact nowadays. Open source projects such as those under the umbrella of the ASF show this lack of women developing, although no actual numbers are provided.

This talk will focus on the contributions made by women to some of the Apache projects since the beginning (when possible!). This talk is specifically focused on technical contributions like commits. It is intended to be a quantitative analysis plus specific manual polishing process to help in the accuracy of the data.

More information about this talk

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