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Nithya Ruff: Keynote at ApacheCon Miami

Nithya Ruff, who is heads up the open source program at Comcast, will be keynoting at ApacheCon in Miami in two weeks. She’ll be speaking about how so many companies are transitioning to technology companies, regardless of their industry, and about the ubiquity of Apache software at Comcast.

I spoke with her last week about what she’ll be talking about, and related topics.

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Shawn McKinney, ApacheCon North America 2017, and Java Security

At ApacheCon Miami, Shawn McKinney will give a talk on the anatomy of web application security.

In this interview, he talks about what he’ll be presenting, and who should attend.

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ApacheCon Seville 2016 – How to Generate a Deployable REST CXF3 Application from a Swagger-Contract – Johannes Fiala

How to Generate a Deployable REST CXF3 Application from a Swagger-Contract – Johannes Fiala

This talk will show how you can use Swagger-Codegen to generate a complete REST application using Apache CXF3 based on a Swagger contract and deploy it to application servers.

Features in the generated server stub include:

* Bean-Validation

* Logging

* Automatic operation validation using @Valid

* Using transparent gzipping of requests

First I’ll demo how to generate the applications & how they work in the container (Tomcat + Jboss EAP), showing how the features work there.

The talk will continue how this is done using Mustache-templates in Swagger-Codegen and how additional features can be added to the generator (e.g. adding forced Gzip-support, enhancing test cases, add additional configuration files, etc.).

Additionally the Swagger toolchain will be shown during the talk (Swagger UI, Swagger Editor, Swagger2Markup to generate PDFs).

More about this session