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Serverless: Multi-tenant Rule Engine Service Powered by Apache Karaf Dmitry Vasilyev Saeid Mirzaei George Ye

September 13, 2019

The Netflix media pipeline processes thousands of new shows and movies every day so that you can watch them on any device anywhere. We use a forward chaining rule engine to coordinate all of this work in multiple workflows. Hosting these workflows in a reliable, scalable and cost effective manner is a huge challenge at our scale. In this talk, we will introduce the design of Netflix’s next generation rule engine framework. The goal is to boost modularity, increase developer productivity and decrease operational overhead. The new system is a platform as a service that lets workflow developers focus on workflow data model, execution conditions, and remote function invocations without worrying about how to deploy, scale, and monitor it. The system uses the OSGI framework to build separation among workflows and leverages Apache Karaf as the runtime container. Other interesting topics such as workflow bundle management and a novel rule domain specific language will be covered in this talk. Keywords:nRule engine, OSGI, Apache Karaf, Serverless

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