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Serverless Integration with Apache Camel and Knative Michael Costello

September 13, 2019

Abstract: When we say cloud native what is it that we really mean, and how does this really adapt to our enterprise as we transition away from our now arcane ESB and SOA patterns and further along our integration journey to what everyone is calling cloud native. In this talk we’ll discuss the promises of cloud native architecture, why it makes sense to distribute our integration logic in this fashion using Apache Camel in a serverless way and why Apache Camel is uniquely suited for this, and how to leverage an underlying Knative event bus to add state back into our serverless integration deployments which use Apache Camel. This talk will examine both Apache Camel and why integration is so important in our new cloud native MicroService world, and add a host of cloud native capabilities using Knative to bring us to our next iteration of distributed integration – cloud native integration.

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