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Serverless Event Streaming with Pulsar Function: Use Cases and Best Practices Xiaolong.Ran

September 13, 2019

As data continues to evolve, there are more and more requirements for calculating data. From servers to VMS to containers to serverless, the computing framework is constantly evolving with the needs of users. How to provide users with a fast, easy-to-deploy computing framework has become a question for everyone to think about. In this talk, we will introduce how Pulsar provides a powerful computing power based on the serverless computing architecture. Apache Pulsar is a new generation of cloud messaging system and real-time processing platform. The message system is closely related to the real-time computing platform, but it is often loosely deployed and managed separately. Pulsar Functions, as the computing component of Pulsar, is a fusion and innovation of the message and computing platform in the serverless direction. Pulsar Functions provides support for multiple languages such as Go, Python, and Java; and runtimes such as Thread, Process, and Kubernetes. This provides great flexibility for user-written, run, and deploy features. Let users only use logic that cares about real calculations, without complicated configuration or management; it is easier to build a message-triggered flow platform.

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