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OFBiz in the fashion Industry, an omnichannel approach Nicola Mazzoni

September 13, 2019

The fashion industry works to meet the demand for apparel and dictates thentrends for what should be worn.nThis presentation will describe why Apache OFBiz is a great platform fornbuilding an ERP for the fashion industry and how it can be enhanced tonsupport its specific requirements. The various implementation steps of anconcrete project will be reviewed:n- Development of a custom eCommerce/B2B Responsive and Seo compliantnapplication using the Color-Size matrix feature.n- Integration of third-party applications such as retail, legacy Erp,nsocial network, WMS, Business Intelligence, mailing system.n- ‘Soft migration’. Progressive replacement of the external proprietarynsystem with OfBiz. The result is an OfBiz-centric, holonic Erp system.

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