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Lessons from the Apache Beam Journey Kenneth Knowles

September 13, 2019

Apache Beam is a big data processing framework that can run on multiple big data engines, including Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Samza, Apache Apex, and a number of non-Apache OSS engines and proprietary engines. After situating Beam in the OSS ecosystem, I will share lessons from Apache Beam’s journey, including topics such as: – how do you onboard newcomers to the Apache Way?n – how is open source different / the same as internal corporate work?n – what are techniques for mitigating corporate politics in OSS governance?n – what does a healthy project look like in the stats?n – building community via pull requestn – how do OSS contributing teams look different?n – technical decisions have community impactn – how does ASF merit sustain projects for the long term?n – what seems to motivate volunteers?n – honoring non-code contributions

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