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How to Slide Your Release Pass the Incubator Justin Mclean

September 13, 2019

All podling releases need to be voted on by the incubator PMC before being released to the world. I’ll go through what the incubator PMC looks for in every release and what you can do to make it pass that IPMC vote and get your project one step closer to graduation. More importantly I’ll cover where you can get help if you need it. In this talk, I’ll describe current incubator and ASF policy, recent changes that you may not be aware of, and go into detail the legal requirements of common open source licenses and the best way to assemble your NOTICE and LICENSE files. Where possible I describe the reasons behind why things are done a certain which may not always be obvious from our documentation. I’ll show how I review a release and the simple tools I use. I’ll go through a worked example or two, including a fictional project called Apache Wombat, and cover common mistakes I’ve seen in releases.

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