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How China Search Giant Baidu adopt apache way inside its company Tanzhongyi

September 13, 2019

Baidu is one of the biggest Internet company, it was founded 20 years ago with 10,000 more engineers now.nit began to embraces open source recently years, including adopting InnerSource and contributing to open source community. InnerSource is the use of apache ways inside the company. n As the leader of this program, I will talk about how this happened, and what’s the challenges we faced and overcome. we need to set policies, define processes and enable tools , but the most important part is to cultivate open source culture, educate engineers what is apache way and how to cooperate inside company just like in open source community. And now, many projects inside Baidu have been adopting InnerSource, and some projects have became mature and open sourced to external world, even contributed to open source foundation.nWith my affords, Baidu has contributed three projects into apache software foundation as incubator projects,nthere are echarts, Doris, brpc. But open source is a long journey, we need to insist and keep going.

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