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Creating Custom Streaming Events to Learn Apache Beam Chengzhi Zhao

September 13, 2019

Learning a streaming framework like Apache Beam is exciting but with ‘Hello World!’ examples aren’t fun. There aren’t a lot of free and interesting streaming data sources for beginners to play with, it’s very easy to give up learning if it’s boring. To keep myself learning something new, I find myself need incentives and accomplishments to continue. If you are like me need some motivation to keep learning, this talk will give you some inspiration.
In this talk, I will share my experience of learning Apache Beam by showing demos to you on how I create a streaming data with my custom ‘Marvel Fights Stream Producer’. I will discuss how I went through with the Apache Beam Programming Guide and replaced the official examples with Marvel streaming data I produced. I will also talk about what I learn from creating my custom data stream producer and how that helps me learn Apache Beam better.

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