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Building Zhaopin’s enterprise event bus based on Apache Pulsar Jia Zhai Penghui Li

September 13, 2019

Zhaopin.com is a Chinese online recruitment services provider. As a bilingual job board, Zhaopin.com has one of the largest selections of real-time job vacancies in China. All recruitment advertisements are provided by prominent Chinese and foreign companies and enterprises throughout China. Zhaopin.com provides professional HR services to over 2.2 million clients and its average daily page views are over 68 million.nApache Pulsar was developed to address several shortcomings of existing messaging systems including a lot of enterprise features, message durability, and lower message latency. Zhaopin.com had built its enterprise event bus By using RabbitMQ for years. As the company grows, the amount of its data is getting larger and larger, and the usage scenarios of message systems are also become varied. The original RabbitMQ based architecture was hard to afford. Ultimately, it chose Apache Pulsar to replace RabbitMQ based architecture in 2018. Since Apache Pulsar was deployed at August 2018, The data amount in Pulsar is increased from 30 million messages per day to 6 billion+ messages. By learning from a lot of practical experiences, they summarised the best practices to using Pulsar as an enterprise event bus. Penghui and Jia detail how Apache Pulsar meet the requirements from Zhaopin.com. How Apache Pulsar is used in Zhaoping.com, and What is the best practices to using Pulsar as an enterprise event bus. Along the way, they will highlight the advantages of Apache Pulsar over the old system, and how high durability, high throughput and low latency of Apache Pulsar make it ideally suited for enterprise event bus.

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