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Apache Toree: A Jupyter Kernel for Scala / Apache Spark Luciano Resende

September 13, 2019

Many data scientists are already making heavy usage of the Jupyter ecosystem for analyzing data using interactive notebooks. Apache Toree (incubating) is a Jupyter kernel designed that enables data scientists and data engineers to easily connect and leverage Apache Spark and its powerful APIs from a standard Jupyter notebook to execute their analytics workloads. In this talk, we will go over what’s new with the most recent Apache Toree release. We will cover available magics and visualizations extensions that can be integrated with Toree to enable better data exploration and data visualizations. We will also describe some high-level design of Toree and how users can extend the functionality of Apache Toree powerful plugin system. And all of these with multiple live demos that demonstrate how Toree can help with your analytics workloads in an Apache Spark environment.

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