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Using the TLP toolchain as a crystal ball for your cluster Anthony Grasso

September 12, 2019

Cassandra cluster management is hard. Understanding how your Cassandra data model will hold up in production over a period of time can be tricky. If that is not tough enough, understanding how a change to a Cassandra setting will affect your cluster can be be difficult. Knowing how your data model or setting change will perform under a production data load can prevent performance degradation or worse nodes going down. In the last year, The Last Pickle has invested the time to develop the tooling necessary to create test clusters in AWS, as well as a scalable stress tool which can run pre-configured workloads. These tools are designed to take the guess work out of data modelling and configuration changes in Cassandra. In this talk we will introduce our toolchain, look at what each tool does, how they work, and where you would use them. In addition, we will show how the toolchain can be used to quickly test a data model or feature in Cassandra.

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