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There’s life in the (old) dog yet: Apache Edgent reinvents itself and Edge Analytics Julian Feinauer

September 12, 2019

Apache Edgent (formerly Quarks) is a Project in the Apache Incubator since early 2016. The main focus of the project is to simplify edge processing pipelines. Through the last year it went a bit silent around the project and although the topic is hotter than ever the project lost its drive and went into hibernation. With the rise of other projects in the (industrial) IoT ecosystem like Apache PLC4X and Apache IoTDB there are a lot of new use cases and applications for edge processing, especially in the field of industrial IoT thus, a group of contributors from other IoT related projects has gathered to bring the project back to life and on track.nIn this talk, an introduction into Apache Edgent is given. Its past, its current state and plans on how the project could evolve in the near future.nProjects like Apache PLC4X (incubating) allow us to gather massive amounts of data from machines and plants and close the gap between the `Shopfloor`and the Big Data ecosystem. But, there are a few important differences between `classical` stream processing and the processing of industrial data streams. As the `classical` Big Data world is all about (vertical) scaling and parallelism this is not necessarily true for industrial data. Furthermore, many industrial sides are connected with low bandwidths which makes it even more difficult to send all the data to the cloud. Apache Edgent tries to address these issues by providing a platform for Edge processing.

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