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State of integration with Apache Camel Claus Ibsen

September 12, 2019

Apache Camel is the leading open source integration framework, which has been around for over a decade. In this talk we will look back in history, to understand how the integration landscape has evolved from EAI, SOA, and ESB architectures up to microservices, and now with modern serverless and cloud native platforms. Apache Camel has been along for the ride. And we will look to the future and see how the latest release v3 of Apache Camel, is aimed for running modern cloud native workloads with Camel K. In this talk you will:n- Learn from history software integration, and why you should rely on existing, proven fully featured integration frameworks instead of rolling out your own DIY solutionsn- See how software integration is (still) important in today’s modern architectures and what role does Camel have in the new cloud native worldn- What is new and noteworthy in Apache Camel version 3

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