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Processing IoT Data from End to End with MQTT and Apache Kafka Kai Waehner

September 12, 2019

This session discusses end-to-end use cases such as connected cars, smart home or healthcare sensors where you integrate IoT devices with enterprise IT using open source technologies and standards. MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol for Internet of Things (IoT). However, MQTT is not built for high scalability, longer storage or easy integration to legacy systems. Apache Kafka is a highly scalable distributed streaming platform, which ingests, stores, processes and forwards high volumes of data from thousands of IoT devices. The session discusses how to leverage the Apache Kafka open source ecosystem as streaming platform to process IoT data. See a live demo of how MQTT brokers like Mosquitto integrate with Kafka, and how you can even integrate MQTT clients to Kafka without MQTT Broker. Learn how to analyze the IoT data either natively on Kafka with Kafka Streams / KSQL or on an external big data cluster like Spark, Flink or Elastic leveraging Kafka Connect.

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