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Mission Critical Cassandra in Financial Services, The When/What/How Experiences for ALL! Jonathan Koppenhofer

September 12, 2019

Apache Cassandra is a database product that is most notably known for being highly scalable and fault tolerant. Since these characteristics are something that is desirable in almost every use case, it attracts attention from developers up through executives when faced with decisions on how to architect mission critical systems. If these traits are so desirable, and Apache Cassandra makes these capabilities available to end users, then shouldn’t we use Cassandra for all our data storage needs? What is the catch? When considering Apache Cassandra for one’s database needs, it is critical for users to understand when it is appropriate for use, and what are the trade-off’s one needs to consider. A person must consider the priorities of their non-functional requirements, the required investment in knowledge acquisition, the increased complexity of distributed systems, and the operational needs of maintaining such a database system among other concerns. If used incorrectly, the results could be disastrous, but when used appropriately Apache Cassandra can produce the expected rewarding results. In this presentation, [redacted name] will share his experiences operating one of the largest Apache Cassandra deployments in the financial services industry. As such, specific topics will be detailed that are relevant to both the largest and smallest of use cases.n* When is it appropriate to use Cassandra? What has been successful/unsuccessful?n* What have been the largest barriers to adoption?n* How to operate at any scalen* Risk and Control considerationsn* Knowledge acquisition and proliferation. Please join us for this candid discussion in hopes of easing the journey to successful adoption of Cassandra.

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