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Java + Serverless – Finally a match made in Heaven? Pratik Patel

September 12, 2019

Why isn’t Java a more popular language for serverless developers? How does Apache Openwhisk work with Java? Despite there being 10 million Java developers, Java is being used for only 6% of serverless workloads according to a recent survey. Historical problems with long cold-starts, heavy-weight frameworks and lack of tooling have made Java an unpopular choice for serverless development…. until now! In this session, I will take you on a journey to explain what has changed with Java to finally make it an amazing language for building serverless applications, using the open source Apache Openwhisk platform! In this session, we cover these topics including… Previous issues Java developers faced using serverless platformsnWhy JVMs struggled with serverless execution environments.nWhat makes Serverless Java now possible:nJVM advancesnLow-overhead, serverless ready frameworksnAOT (ahead of time) compilation and no-VM binariesnThis session will end with an earth-shaking demo: a full Java application that includes ORM, Dependency Injection, Annotations, etc, that starts in less than 50ms!

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