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Hello World! Introducing Apache IoTDB – a Database for the Internet of Things Xiangdong Huang Julian Feinauer

September 12, 2019

Time series data management system is becoming increasingly important with the rise of the Internet of Things, especially in the industrial area. Apache IoTDB (incubating), one of the youngest projects in the Apache Incubator, is born for that!nApache IoTDB is an integrated data management engine designed for time series data, based on a file format which is able to store time series data very efficiently. It provides users specific services for data collection, storage and analysis. Due to its lightweight structure, high performance and usable features together with its good integration with Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, it can meet the requirements of massive dataset storage, high-speed data ingestion and complex data analysis for industrial IoT applications.nAs the project is very new to the ASF, the talk has four objectives. First, discuss the time series data management requirement in the IoT area; Second, introduce Apache IoTDB to the world; Third, to give an overview about the architecture of the project and the technologies used inside and Fourth, to give an idea about how IoTDB integrates with other Apache Projects and where it fits in the (IoT) data processing ecosystem. Some practical use cases are also introduced.

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