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Building a smart query mediation engine for Genome Research using Apache Drill Tushar Pathare

September 12, 2019

The integration of both clinical and genomics data into a single platformnthat will allow the researchers to search, analyze and discover the hidde patterns in biomedical databases. Developing this integrated platform be-ncomes a complex and challenging task due to (i) heterogeneous data typesn(ii) huge volume of data (iii) number of attributes are di erent across thendata (iv) generated data are from heterogeneous platform and (v) corre-nlation between clinical and genomics data are di erent to each other andn(vi) scalability factors. To address these problems, Biomedical InformaticsnDivision within Sidra Research took the initiative to develop a personalized health-nintegrated informatics platform that will help the researchersnto get insights to questions previously un-answered.

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