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Apache Doris (incubating) — A simple and single tightly coupled olap system De Li

September 12, 2019

Apache Doris (incubating) is an MPP-based interactive SQL data warehousing for reporting and analysis. It is open-sourced by Baidu. Doris mainly integrates the technology of Google Mesa and Apache Impala. Unlike other popular SQL-on-Hadoop systems, Doris is designed to be a simple and single tightly coupled system, not depending on other systems. Doris not only provides high concurrent low latency point query performance, but also provides high throughput queries of ad-hoc analysis. Doris not only provides batch data loading, but also provides near real-time mini-batch data loading. Doris also provides high availability, reliability, fault tolerance, and scalability. The simplicity (of developing, deploying and using) and meeting many data serving requirements in single system are the main features of Doris.

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