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A Mile in My Shoes: How Empathy & Compassion Can Transform Your Work & Your Life Ruth Holloway

September 12, 2019

In many places, we’re told to ‘leave our emotions out of it,’ in our work, and in our other technical endeavors, including in open source communities. But that is an irrational, dangerously naïve point of view, one that often leads us to not concern ourselves with the feelings of others, thereby allowing biases (intended or not) to come into play. This harms our communities, by excluding valuable contributors, and their skills and ideas. Empathy and compassion are powerful tools. Taking the time to understand the though processes of another person, and the variety of struggles that we all have, lets you serve them, collaborate with them, and lead them more effectively than you’ve ever done before. In this talk, you’ll learn the science behind these powerful emotions, and how using them can help you build stronger, more inclusive communities. Empathy and compassion have the power to enrich your life, and that of the people you interact with ever day. Come learn how you can use these vital skills to work more effectively and transform your world into a more caring, open, and peaceful place to be.

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