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ApacheCon Seville 2016 – Using Monitoring to Understand Cassandra- Alain Rodriguez

February 10, 2017

Using Monitoring to Understand Cassandra- Alain Rodriguez

LetÛªs be honest, nobody cares about a fire extinguisher until their house is burning down. In a similar vein, monitoring is an important, yet often undervalued part of running production systems. Distributed databases internals are often complex. Cassandra is not an exception and might sometimes be tricky to understand correctly.

In this presentation Alain will demystify Cassandra internals and demonstrate how monitoring can be used to solve the difficult problems that are unique to distributed databases. WeÛªll explore the options available to empower every operator running this powerful database. Audience members will walk away with a an excellent understanding of how a well thought out monitoring solution can save them from countless hours of tedious debugging and business impacting performance issues and downtime.

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