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ApacheCon Seville 2016 – How to Secure Apache Spark? – Neelesh Srinivas Salian

February 10, 2017

How to Secure Apache Spark? – Neelesh Srinivas Salian

Security has been a crucial component of the Big Data ecosystem. The need to protect data from exploits and vulnerability are evident in the strong push for cybersecurity and secure clusters across businesses and industries alike. Spark itself has been a major analytic backbone of that infrastructure. Similar to the evolution of the security infrastructure on Hadoop, we see Spark growing as well. How does one ensure Security with Spark without much hassle ? This talk focuses on the steps need to be taken to setup and discuss the potential issues on Spark Core, Streaming and other components that would follow. The speaker has been helping out large enterprise customers setup and ensure their infrastructure maintains the secure environment.

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