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ApacheCon Seville 2016 – Building a Search Engine for the Cuban Web – Jorge Betancourt Gonzalez

February 10, 2017

Building a Search Engine for the Cuban Web -Jorge Betancourt Gonzalez

This talk will cover the transition of Solr from “just the inverted index for search” into the core’s technology of a Web Search Engine for the Cuban Web. The main purpose is to show how some of the more common features of today web search engines could be fulfilled by the use Apache Solr, which makes Solr the hearth of our system. Integration with several Apache projects will be covered and how this systems work together to build a full featured Web Search Engine, an Image Search Engine and a Real Time News search engine with alert capabilities all of this powered by the features offered by Solr and several Apache projects. Also the use of Solr itself to help monitor and run the different components of the system will be discussed. Essentially how to build a Web Search Engine using the power of the Apache Foundation.

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