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ApacheCon Seville 2016 -The Apache Way – Building Tech Community in China – Ming Wenchin

February 9, 2017

The Apache Way – Building Tech Community in China – Ming Wen

OpenResty is a full-fledged web platform by integrating the standard Nginx core and LuaJIT_Îso it has high performance and flexibility. OpenResty have widely used in CloudFlare, JD.com, Qihoo 360, Sina, UPYUN and youku. In China OpenResty was not a popular technology, and no related books and videos, not friendly for beginners.

Last year, Ming Wen and few partners, set some impossible missions and try to popularize OpenResty in China by writing open source book, organizing the first OpenResty conference and multiple cities meetup,sharing in wechat group, teaching through online website, building non-profit organizations etc.

Late last year, Smartisan Technology donated one million RMB to OpenResty Software Foundation.

In this session,Ming Wen will share experiences about technical community in China, and introduce the rapid development of Chinese technology community.

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