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ApacheCon Seville 2016 – Carrying Enterprise on a Little Camel – Dzmitry Pletnikau

February 9, 2017

Carrying Enterprise on a Little Camel – Dzmitry Pletnikau

Apache Camel, Apache ActiveMQ and Apache CXF form a mature stack well-suited for the widest range of projects. They are used by governments, banks and biggest tech companies.

In his presentation, Dzmitry will show real-life examples of using these frameworks as coarse components for quickly delivering routine integrations within and outside the company. The emphasis will be on connecting together heterogeneous non-JVM systems: legacy Cobol-monolith, modern CRM-module, RESTful APIs, 3rd-party packages and services.

Sample scenarios will include end-of-day batch processing as well as “near real-time” data-exchanges. Dzmitry will show how proper use of queueing semantics enables engineer to satisfy business needs without writing any code.

For any of your data-hauling needs, the presentation will convince you to consider these Apache projects.

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