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Apache Big Data Seville 2016 – Putting A Spark in Web Apps – David Fallside

December 20, 2016

Putting A Spark in Web Apps – David Fallside

Web app developers want to take advantage of the sophisticated analytics and big data processing provided by engines such as Apache Spark. Traditionally, web app development would use an enterprise language like Java but with a development emphasis now on agility and simplicity, technologies such as Node.js, Ruby on Rails, and PHP are increasingly being used for such development. Apache Spark has APIs for Scala, Java and Python but no API for Node.js or JavaScript despite their importance for web app development. To fill this gap, the EclairJS open-source project was created to provide an API in Node.js and JavaScript and enable web app developers to incorporate the analytic and other capabilities of Spark. In this presentation, David Fallside will show some web applications that demonstrate Sparkäó»s capabilities and explain how they are implemented using EclairJS.

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