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Apache Big Data Seville 2016: Get in Control of Your Workflows with Apache Airflow – Christian Trebing

December 9, 2016

Get in Control of Your Workflows with Apache Airflow – Christian Trebing.

Whenever you work with data, sooner or later you stumble across the definition of your workflows. At what point should you process your customer’s data? What subsequent steps are necessary? And what went wrong with your data processing last Saturday night?

At Blue Yonder we use Apache Airflow to solve these problems. It can be extended with new functionality by developing plugins in Python. With Airflow, we define workflows as directed acyclic graphs and get a shiny UI for free. Airflow comes with some task operators which can be used out of the box to complete certain tasks. For more specific cases, you can also develop new operators in your plugin.

This talk will explain the concepts behind Airflow, demonstrating how to define your own workflows and how to extend the functionality. You’ll also get to hea about our experiences using this tool in real-world scenarios.

More information about this talk

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