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Apache Big Data Seville 2016 – SystemML – Declarative Machine Learning – Luciano Resende

December 3, 2016

SystemML – Declarative Machine Learning – Luciano Resende

Machine learning in the enterprise is an iterative process. Data scientists will tweak or replace their learning algorithm in a small data sample until they find an approach that works for the business problem and then apply the Analytics to the full data set. Apache SystemML is a new system that accelerates this kind of exploratory algorithm development for large-scale machine learning problems.Think of SystemML as SQL for Machine Learning, it provides a high-level language to quickly implement and run algorithms, and it also enable cost-based optimizer that takes care of low-level decisions about parallelism, allowing users to focus on the algorithm and the real-world problem that the algorithm is trying to solve. This talk will introduce you to SystemML This talk will introduce you to SystemML and get you started building declarative analytics with SystemML using a Zeppelin notebooks.

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