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Apache Big Data Seville 2016 – Managing Deeply Nested Documents in Apache Solr – Anshum Gupta

November 28, 2016

Managing Deeply Nested Documents in Apache Solr – Anshum Gupta

Apache Solr in the recent past started supporting deeply-nested documents. Solr can now be used to perform search and faceting on documents such as nested email threads, comments and replies on social media, enriched and annotated documents etc. without having to flatten them before ingestion.

Anshum Gupta would discuss pre-processing of data so that it can be indexed in Solr, making it possible to perform complex search and statistical aggregation on top of it. He would also cover query formation for sample use cases of nested data and multiple options and features that Solr provides for faceting or aggregation of such documents.

By the end of this talk, Solr users would have a better understanding of both, how to work with features that Solr provides to find answers to interesting questions from deeply nested documents as well as work-arounds for the missing pieces.

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