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ApacheCon North America 2014 sessions – Lawrence B Room

May 21, 2014

The following are recordings of ApacheCon North America 2014 sessions that occurred in the Lawrence B room.

Intro to Cordova & Cordova CLI workflow – Steve Gill

Connecting Arduino and Phones with Bluetooth and Cordova – Don Coleman

Writing NFC applications with Apache Cordova – Don Coleman

Developing Native Mobile Applications using JavaScript – Hazem Saleh

Crowd Sourcing Translations — A Look at How Apache Cordova’s Documentation is Available in Multiple Languages – Lisa DeLuca

Introduction to Apache Aurora – William Farner

Content Generation / Writer Assistance tool as an extension of OpenNLP – Boris Galitsky

Introducing JDBC for SPARQL – Rob Vesse

Oak, the architecture of Apache Jackrabbit 3.0 – Jukka Zitting

Continuous Automated Deployment with Apache ACE – Jan Willem Janssen, Marcel Offermans

/path/to/content – the Apache Jackrabbit content repository – Jukka Zitting

Using the Apache Linked Data Stack – Reto Gmür

Adding Modularity Afterwards with Embedded OSGi – Bob Paulin

Apache Mavibot : MVCC Btree in Java to the rescue – Emmanuel Lécharny

Advanced Enterprise Architectures using Apache Frameworks – Heath Kesler

Production Debugging Techniques – Theo Schlossnagle

Apache Camel Business Patterns – Ben O’Day

Or download them all HERE

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