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ApacheCon North America 2014 recordings, Blake room

May 7, 2014

The following are recordings of ApacheCon North America 2014 sessions that occurred in the Blake room.

Transitioning Open Office to Apache – a retrospective – Andrew Rist

Translators and developers are equally important in Apache OpenOffice – Jan Iversen

Community and Ecosystem: From OpenOffice.org to Apache OpenOffice – Louis Suarez-Potts

Fuzzing Apache OpenOffice: An Approach to Automated Black-box Security Testing – Rob Weir

Porting the OpenOffice.org website to the Apache CMS – David Fisher

Changing Apache Openoffice build system with 4000+ files – Jan Iversen

Designing a Beautiful REST+JSON API – Les Hazlewood

Build a Killer Client for Your REST+JSON API – Les Hazlewood

Croquet: Combining Wicket, Jetty, Hibernate, and Guice – William Speirs

Development of a Groovy based DSL for Apache OFBiz – Jacopo Cappellato

Osmosis – a PDF Conversion Tool using Apache PDFBox and Apache POI – David Fisher

Building Enterprise Level Applications with Apache Flex and Java – Christofer Dutz

Apache TomEE, JavaEE Web Profile and More on Tomcat – David Blevins

Apache Tomcat and SSL – Mark Thomas

Monitoring Apache Tomcat – Christopher Schultz

Migrating to Apache Tomcat 8 – Mark Thomas

Connecting Tomcat to the World: Performance and other considerations when selecting a Tomcat connector – Christopher Schultz, Jean-Frederic Clere

A Practical use of Servlet 3.1: Implementing WebSocket – Mark Thomas

Tutorial: Creating Linux Packages for your Project – Sean Mackrory

Tutorial: CXF WS-Security and WS-ReliableMessaging – Dennis Sosnoski

Or you can download all of the files HERE (945M)

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