ApacheCon North America 2014 recordings, Blake room

The following are recordings of ApacheCon North America 2014 sessions that occurred in the Blake room.

Transitioning Open Office to Apache – a retrospective – Andrew Rist

Translators and developers are equally important in Apache OpenOffice – Jan Iversen

Community and Ecosystem: From OpenOffice.org to Apache OpenOffice – Louis Suarez-Potts

Fuzzing Apache OpenOffice: An Approach to Automated Black-box Security Testing – Rob Weir

Porting the OpenOffice.org website to the Apache CMS – David Fisher

Changing Apache Openoffice build system with 4000+ files – Jan Iversen

Designing a Beautiful REST+JSON API – Les Hazlewood

Build a Killer Client for Your REST+JSON API – Les Hazlewood

Croquet: Combining Wicket, Jetty, Hibernate, and Guice – William Speirs

Development of a Groovy based DSL for Apache OFBiz – Jacopo Cappellato

Osmosis – a PDF Conversion Tool using Apache PDFBox and Apache POI – David Fisher

Building Enterprise Level Applications with Apache Flex and Java – Christofer Dutz

Apache TomEE, JavaEE Web Profile and More on Tomcat – David Blevins

Apache Tomcat and SSL – Mark Thomas

Monitoring Apache Tomcat – Christopher Schultz

Migrating to Apache Tomcat 8 – Mark Thomas

Connecting Tomcat to the World: Performance and other considerations when selecting a Tomcat connector – Christopher Schultz, Jean-Frederic Clere

A Practical use of Servlet 3.1: Implementing WebSocket – Mark Thomas

Tutorial: Creating Linux Packages for your Project – Sean Mackrory

Tutorial: CXF WS-Security and WS-ReliableMessaging – Dennis Sosnoski

Or you can download all of the files HERE (945M)

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