The voice of The Apache Software Foundation

Episode 61: Randy Terbush

June 25, 2009

Before there was the Apache Software Foundation, there was the Apache Group, a group of, originally, eight people, who devoted their spare time to create the Apache Web Server using the NCSA web server as a basis, and eventually rewriting it from the ground up.

Leading up to the tenth birthday party for the ASF in Oakland, at ApacheCon this Fall, I’m hoping to get in touch with all eight of these people and talk with them briefly about their involvement in the early days of the project. Some of them are harder to get in touch with than others.

First, of course, I spoke with Brian Behlendorf. In this episode, I speak with Randy Terbush, who was in the original eight, and was part of creating the foundation.

You can listen HERE, or via iTunes.

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