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Episode 28: Apache Harmony and Open Letter to Sun

April 18, 2007

Earlier this month the Apache Software Foundation took the unusual step of releasing an Open Letter detailing an issue that the Apache Harmony project was having with Sun Microsystems. In order to find out more about the background to this letter and the issues it addresses, I spoke with Geir Magnusson.

For more information on the Apache Harmony project, please listen to Feathercast Episode 2.

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The episode is 31 minutes long (14.6 M) and is available here or via iTunes.


  1. I’d suggest having the podcast in ogg format as well. At least for podcasts talking about open standards, using closed standards to distribute them is a bit self-defeating. 😉

  2. The standard for podcasts is mp3 files, and that’s what all standard podcasting tools produce and accept. To use ogg for the sake of using ogg seems completely self-defeating, as it ensures that nobody will listen.

  3. We may look at creating ogg files as well as mp3, but as Rich says we don’t plan on changing out primary format.

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