Episode 50: Sling

In New Orleans, I spoke with Bertrand Delacretaz, who is a new board member, and also is the composer of the music that we’re using these days for FeatherCast. He spoke with me about Sling, which is in the Incubator, and about his duties on the board

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Episode 49: Stonehenge

This week, the Incubator PMC voted to accept Stonehenge into the Incubator. While at ApacheCon, I spoke with Paul Fremantle and Kamaljit Bath about this project, which is an effort to produce example applications to assist developers in building products which are interoperable.

You may listen to it HERE or via iTunes.

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By the way, our cool new theme music was composed by Bertrand Delacretaz, who is a board member of the Apache Software Foundation.

Episode 48: David Recordon

The first keynote at ApacheCon New Orleans was from David Recordon, who has been involved in Open Social and OpenID, and is now involved in the Open Web Foundation. David talks about all of these things, Apache Shindig and about how he first got involved in Open Source.

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Um …

Part of what we do when we produce a podcast is to go through the audio and remove the “um”s, “ah”, and so on. What you didn’t know is that I save these up. It’s a hobby of mine. (Just kidding.)

Anyways, the following is my lightning talk from ApacheCon US 2008, posted by the request of the audience. So, at the risk of nobody ever agreeing to do a FeatherCast ever again, here it is.

Episode 47: Apache Web Server 3.0

Yes, we’ve been silent a long time, but ApacheCon has motivated me to do some more Feathercasts. I’ve got 8 of them lined up, and the first one of these is a conversation with Paul Querna about what’s coming for the Apache Web Server project.

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